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Going through one-on-one coaching about strengths is a self-investment I made that is never a waste of my money and time. These sessions have allowed me to discover my true self. It made me realize and understand that the actions and decisions I made in the past were practically based on the innate talents I already possessed and have responded to situations where my natural way of thinking has emerged. Completing my coaching sessions has helped me know my top strengths deeply and boosted my self-confidence. With that, I can fully develop and unleash the best potential I could ever have that would benefit both myself and my friends and colleagues in the workplace.
Strengths Coach Jerome assisted me in addressing the goals and questions I wanted to learn and discover about my strengths and myself. Our 1-hour coaching session was always fun, engaging, “bitin” yet worthwhile; I’ve learned a lot from him regarding the strengths I have and how to maximize them wherever I am and whatever situation I am into. One of the best investments I secured in 2021. Thank you, Coach Jerome! I am hoping for more coaching sessions with you!

RFP, Civil Servant from Manila, PH


Ciudad de San Jose, Balibago, Sta. Rosa, Laguna 4026 Philippines

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