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The CliftonStrengths 5 Guiding Principles

Over the past five decades, Gallup researchers have been studying what makes people successful. This exhaustive study, ultimately led to CliftonStrengths. More than 29 million people have since taken Gallup's CliftonStrengths assessment.

It gives people a way to communicate what is right about themselves and others. It gives people a vocabulary to explore one another’s talents, strengths, needs, motivations and contributions in a positive way.

As you explore and maximize your greatest potential through strengths, it is important to take into consideration these 5 guiding principles of CliftonStrengths.

Themes are neutral

CliftonStrengths themes don’t make people good or bad. People make themes good or bad. It all depends on whether people productively apply their themes.

Themes are not labels

Human beings are too complex to be defined or described by one word, be it a gender, an age, a race or a theme name. The purpose of CliftonStrengths is not to provide another method of labeling people but rather to be a tool to help people understand and appreciate the tremendous complexity and diversity of humanity.

Lead with positive intent

Because people’s unique talents guide them, the same situation can produce different reactions. Becoming aware of others’ talent filters provides insights into how they tend to think, act and feel. The best opportunity to work and partner with others is connected to understanding, appreciating and using this information in a meaningful way.

Differences are advantages

Humanity’s differences are not necessarily problems that we need to solve. Instead, these differences are resources that could create an advantage when people develop and use them wisely.

People need one another

Strengths do not develop in a vacuum. We are all uniquely gifted, but it is with others’ support and encouragement that we can become the best of who we are. We need other people to help us see what we do not see for ourselves, appreciate our contributions and gain greater self-awareness.

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