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Clarity Forward

CLARITYFORWARD>> is a workshop series designed to lead participants through a journey of discovering or reaffirming their values, understanding their wellbeing across ten aspects of life, identifying and harnessing their strengths, gaining clarity on their career path, and achieving their goals. Utilizing research-based methods, this series aims to propel participants forward in their personal and professional lives.

Discover Strengths

Discover Strengths is a complimentary 1.5-hour online session designed to provide participants with an introduction to Strengths-Based development. Participants will gain insights into the significance of uncovering their innate talents and investing in them to cultivate strengths.

PM for Life

PM for Life is a complimentary workshop to guide the participants to learn and understand the basics of Project Management and how to apply the Project Management skills in their life to achieve better efficiency and outcome.

Unleash Your Strengths

Unleash Your Strengths workshop spans 3-4 hours, aiming for participants to learn, love, and live their strengths. Prior to the session, participants are required to complete the CliftonStrengths assessment.

We're Partners!

We're Partners is a 3-hour online workshop for the team to gain understanding of their manager and individual's strengths and learn how to build partnerships to develop them into a strengths-based team.

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