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Discover Strengths

Discover Strengths is a complimentary 1.5-hour online session designed to provide participants with an introduction to Strengths-Based development. Participants will gain insights into the significance of uncovering their innate talents and investing in them to cultivate strengths.

Never heard of Strengths-Based Development or heard it before but you don't know what actually it is?

This workshop gives you an overview of Strengths-Based development and how it can help you better understand yourself and achieve your greatest potential.

1. Conventional vs Strengths-Based Development Approach
2. Talent
3. S.I.G.N.S. of Talents
4. The Strengths Formula
5. Daily Strengths Awareness
6. Why Strengths?
7. The Best of Us
8. Managing Weakness
9. Introduction to CliftonStrengths

The outline is subject to change depending on your needs.

Submit a request now and I am happy to explore with you the best approach for you and/or your team!

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