Your 2022 Adventure!

Updated: Jan 12

2022 has just got started! Welcome to another year of life's adventure!

Here are some tips to help you plan your goals in 2022 and how to track your progress towards your goal.

1. Review your 2021.

Look back at the things that happened in 2021. What are the things that you are grateful for? What are the new things that you've learnt? What are your successes? What are your failures?

2. Know your current state.

Know where you are right now. Here are the 10 areas of life that you can consider based on John 10:10 Life Wheel:

  1. God & Purpose

  2. Health & Fitness

  3. Love & Romance

  4. Home & Family

  5. Knowledge & Wisdom

  6. Money & Finance

  7. Friends & Social

  8. Business & Career

  9. Play & Relaxation

  10. Community & Contribution

I personally use the John 10:10 Life Wheel to reflect on my current state. You can download the Life Wheel here.

3. Identify your values.

Do you know why there are goals that are difficult to achieve? They might be not aligned to your values or your values do not aligned with it.

Have an insight on how to discover your core values here.

4. Know how your strengths align with your values.

If you have your CliftonStrengths results, you can dig deeper into your values and know how they correlate with your CliftonStrengths results. Know more about it here.

5. Setup your goals.

Based on your John 10:10 Life Wheel outcome, choose one that you would like to focus first. If you can work on multiple items at once, it should be fine as well.

What goal do you like to achieve in 2022 for this area of life? Make your goal SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound).

  • Specific - Make your goal specific and narrow for more effective planning.

  • Measurable - setup measures of progress in achieving your goal. This is for you to know if you are making progress or not.

  • Attainable - making sure that you can reasonable accomplish the goal within a given timeframe.

  • Realistic - is this aligned to your values and long term objectives?

  • Time-Bound - Setup date on when you targeted to accomplish your goal.

Ask God for wisdom as you plan your 2022 goals and don't forget to write down your goals.

6. Create your mini-goals (checkpoints).

It is highly encouraged to setup your mini-goals along the way until you achieve your main goal.

For example, if your main goal is to lose 20 kilograms this year, you can set mini-goals like lose 5 kilograms per month, then maintain the weight for certain months.