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Your Goal Buddy!

Are you having challenges in achieving your goals? Maybe because you procrastinate or you have something more valuable than it, or you just don't want to pressure yourself or just don't know what to do next? Maybe having a Goal Buddy can give you new insights and the courage to progressing further towards your goals!

Here's a summary of the Your Goal Buddy session we recently concluded as part of the Soaring Strengths Circle - a community of like-minded individuals with a goal to soar to new heights by developing and unleashing the power of their strengths! defines a goal buddy as a person who helps you stay committed to your goal by keeping you accountable. Your buddy will check your progress, provide feedback, motivate, and encourage you.

What are the benefits of having a Goal Buddy?

It is better to have someone journeying with you in achieving your goals. Your Goal Buddy can motivate you, be you accountability partner to keep you progressing and committing to your plans and can give you balanced perspective. Your Goal Buddy can also celebrate your small wins, encourage you when things are not moving according to your plan, pray for you and give you honest feedback. Receiving honest feedback is a gift for us to become more aware of ourselves and one of the crucial ingredients for our growth.

Your Goal Buddy Is Your Strengths Partner, Too!

If both of you have taken the CliftonStrengths (previously StrengthFinder) assessment, take your partnership into a next level of discovering and understanding one's talents by acknowledging which of yours/him/hers talents are in action. Use the CliftonStrengths' language to encourage one another when he/she uses his/her strengths in achieving a win. Be open as well to know which of these talents hinder you towards your success and devise a plan together on how to manage these hinders.

So, Who Can Be Your Goal Buddy?

Not everyone can be a Goal Buddy. Your Goal Buddy should be someone who you can trust, is also planning to achieve a goal, committed on helping one another towards their goals and also available to meet-up or talk about your progress.

In the perspective of strengths (CliftonStrengths), look for someone whose talents complement yours and see how these partnership can bring your strengths development to the next level.

When you look for your Goal Buddy, don't focus on what you need or what your prospect Goal Buddy can give you. Think of as well on how you can add value to this person and setup a chat with him/her to explain the value having a Goal Buddy and how both of you can help each other towards your goals.

I found my Goal Buddy, What's Next?

Great to hear that! And I am looking forward this successful partnership you have.

First thing to do is to align your expectations and the plans you have. What goals do each of you want to achieve?

Second, workout a schedule that works for both of you. Don't forget to setup a meet-up session where you and your buddy can talk about your progress, your hurdles, your needs and way forward. Also define the start date and end date of your formal engagement as Goal Buddies.

Lastly, create common rules - extra support needed, up to what level of support is needed by both of you and even the limits. Include as well how you can celebrate your wins and even discuss penalties when targets are missed (if this is something either or both of you can boost your commitment to achieve your goals).

Get excited! Are you ready to find your Goal Buddy?!

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