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Leading Through Disruption

The Covid-19 situation resulted to global disruption on the way we do things. There is a sudden shift from office works to work-from-home, from working to just staying at home. A number of people lost their jobs and businesses are struggling to be back to normal.

As a team leader or manager, how are you going to respond in this situation? Here are some tips to help you lead through disruption.

It is important to have clarity on the plans and the expectations to avoid confusion in the team. Reassess the targets considering various factors – capability to work outside the workplace, government-imposed restrictions, employee condition and safety and financial considerations. Publish the plan and align it with the team and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Communication is important. Ensure that the team is up-to-date with the current situation of the company. This also involves non-work related communications, to have a safe place for the team members to raise any concerns that they have.

Give them the tools that they need to be effective on the alternative working arrangement. Also provide training, both technical and soft skills, especially, workshops related to mental health to support the team.

Don’t focus too much at work or deliverable. Note that we are in pandemic and it is very challenging for someone to adjust in the disruption. Know how your team feels, provide emotional support, come up with online activities to bridge the barrier and help the team manage the impact of the disruption. Care for the team’s well-being.

Build an atmosphere of trust among the team. Don’t micromanage.

Encourage the team to have a positive outlook in the midst of the situation. Have an overcoming mindset and empower the team to contribute ideas that they believe can help them win over this situation.

We are all in this together and we will win over this pandemic. Tell us your story on how you lead through this disruption and on how you and your team can win over this.

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