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Introducing the CliftonStrengths for Sales Report

Gallup recently launched a new CliftonStrengths for Sales report. This report gives you your Top 10 CliftonStrengths themes and actionable items to help you boost your sales using your innate talents!

Your success relies on your talents and how you invest on them to unleash your greatest potential. Whatever your talents are, knowing and applying the insights in this report can help you boost your sales.

I recently purchased the report and here are few of my takeaways so far!

1. "Your desire to help doesn't stop just because the deal ends."

Wow! This is very true! After service is important to me and hence, I have some online programs and even downloadable materials that my current or previous clients can access to for FREE!

2. The action items are on-point!

The report gives you action items for each of your Top 10 themes! You read it right, it is your Top 10! These action items are really something worth to be thought of and a challenge for myself to do.

Based on my Top 10, I am seeing some common action items that make sense. One of which is to volunteer - which is something that I like to do! I volunteered in PMI Malaysia as the Coaching Lead. We launched our Coaching and Mentoring program and the 1st one assigned to coach someone! This opportunity doesn't only give value to the organization but to myself as well as it helps me to develop further my coaching skills and at the same time, expand my network.

My next immediate action is to celebrate my customers' accomplishments and follow-up with them.

3. It also includes how your themes (of talents) can get in the way of success

Oh yah, it is possible that your themes can get in the way of success and the report can help you identify these blind spots.

One of the things that get my attention is my willingness to spend extra time supporting a customer which might cause missing my sales targets. Haha, it hit me hard as I don't care much of the $$$ but on how I can give value to my customers. But this is a good reminder to balance things out as sales is an important aspect to keep the business running.

That's all for now! I encourage you to grab your CliftonStrengths for Sales report and see how this report can help you achieve better in sales! Learn more about this report here.

Buy your report in my shop and get a 30-minute introductory coaching session for FREE!

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