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God sees you as extraordinary

Scripture Focus: Judges 6-7

Gideon sees himself as the least in the family and his clan as the weakest in Manasseh. In short, he sees himself as the least of the weakest..


God sees him (Gideon) as a mighty warrior, strong and can save Israel out of Midian’s hand and the LORD is with him.

And because of Gideon’s faith in God and God is with him, he, with 300 men, defeated the Midianites.

Did you see yourself as weak or cannot do anything? Are you afraid to share the gospel? Did you see yourself as a person who cannot make an impact to other’s life?

God sees you the opposite. God sees you as strong, God knows you can do anything because He enables you. God believes that you can share the gospel with boldness because He is with you. God sees you as a person who can make an impact to other people for them to know Jesus, too.

Have faith! Because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

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