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5 Rs for a Fulfilling Christmas!

Christmas season is here! Why not make it more fulfilling? Here are the 5Rs that you may consider for you to have a fulfilling Christmas celebration!

(1) Remember and (2) Reflect

Christmas is about Jesus - the birthday celebrant. Unfortunately, people are getting busy with a lot of stuff - Christmas sales, reunion and dinners - and the atmosphere is filled with lights, Christmas trees and decors, Santa Claus, Snowman but you can hardly find the celebrant. People enjoying the season but not with the celebrant.

Make your Christmas fulfilling by remembering Jesus and how God has sent him to us for our redemption. Take this time as well to reflect together with your family on the true meaning of Christmas and how Jesus have change your life.

(3) Reconcile

Don't let unforgiveness stay in your heart. Reconcile with someone that you are not in good terms for the past years. Choose to forgive and let God help both of you be healed in the past hurts.

(4) Reach Out

Reach out to others and share Jesus and his love. Engage your family, friends or relatives and plan something to share love to the underprivilege. Be kind as well to every person you will meet even the person that is not nice to you.

Let people experience the true meaning of Christmas as we reflect Christ in our lives and they way we treat them.

(5) Rejoice

Rejoice as the Father has given us the best gift ever - His Son Jesus Christ! Celebrate this season with your family, relatives, friends and community. And oh, may the Spirit of Christmas be alive in our lives!

Have a wonderful and fulfilling Christmas to you and your family!

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