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Gallup Definition: 

People exceptionally talented in the Self-Assurance theme feel confident in their ability to manage their own lives. They posses an inner compass that gives them confidence that their decisions are right.

"I am internally confident in the midst of external uncertainty."

"I will seek to exert influence rather than be influenced.."

"I bring a willingness to take necessary risks."

"I need freedom to act unilaterally and independently."

"I love being in control of my own destiny."

"I hate others telling me what to do."

"I might have the tendency to be arrogant, over-confident, self-sufficient."

Watch out for Gallup's post on how to develop your Self-Assurance talents.

Action Items:

If you have Self-Assurance as your dominant talent, you may consider these action items:

  • Trust your talents, but always gather enough inputs from others to ensure you make well-informed decisions.

  • Seek start-up situation for which no rule book exists. You will be at your best when you are asked to make many decisions.

  • Appeal to your own internal guidance system to determine appropriate actions. Trust your instincts.

  • Take time each month to study your recent decisions and assess the outcomes.

  • Help others find the positives in your certainty.

  • Partner with someone with a strong Strategic, Deliberative or Futuristic theme. This person can help you assess the goals to which you commit.

  • Partner with someone whose Input and Intellection talents complement yours as you gather information to address situations.

Note that these action items only serve as guide.

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