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Gallup Definition: 

People exceptionally talented in the Empathy theme can sense other people's feelings by imagining themselves in others' lives or situations.

"I am an emotional person."

"I will make the visceral explicit."

"I bring emotional intelligence."

"I need freedom to laugh, cry, vent."

"I love the gladness, sadness, madness of humanity."

"I hate those things that block or limit emotional expression."

"I might have the tendency to have a bleeding heart."

Action Items:

If you have Empathy as your dominant talent, you may consider these action items:

  • Practice refining the words you use to name the feelings you experience and observe in others.

  • Help people name their feelings.

  • Build trust with people by letting them know that you know how they feel.

  • Develop routines at the end of each day that allow you to decompress.

  • Over time, refine your nonverbal communication skills. You have the talent to let other people understand that you know how they feel without saying a word.

  • Act quickly and firmly if someone is behaving in a way that is unhealthy for that person or for those around him or her.

  • Partner with someone with a strong Command or Activator theme. This person will help you to take needed action, even though people's feelings might suffer as a result.

Note that these action items only serve as guide.

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