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Gallup Definition: 

People exceptionally talented in the Discipline theme enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create.

"I am an efficient manager of limited resources."

"I will plan in advance and then follow the plan."

"I bring precision and detail orientation."

"I need a structured and organized environment."

"I love things that are organized and orderly."

"I hate chaos and confusion, flying by the seat of one's pants."

"I might have the tendency to be resistant to change."

Action Items:

If you have Discipline as your dominant talent, you may consider these action items:

  • Seek out roles and responsibilies where structure exists.

  • Don't hesistate to check as often as necessary to ensure that tasks and projects are completed in the right way and on time.

  • Learn how to use a time-management system. It will make you even more efficient and give you more confidence.

  • Create routines that help you follow through systematically.

  • Help others add order to their lives. Do it in a gentle and respectful way.

  • Recognize that not many people are as disciplined as you. Their clumsy processes might frustrate you but try to assess them on their results, not on their methods.

  • Find ways to move through the moments of annoyance to prevent becoming dragged down.

Note that these action items only serve as guide.

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