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Gallup Definition: 

People exceptionally talented in the Command theme have presence. They can take control of a situation and make decisions.

"I am direct and decisive."

"I will push back when pushed."

"I bring emotional clarity."

"I need challenges and conflicts."

"I love exerting control in situations that seem out of control."

"I hate passivity and avoidance."

"I might have the tendency to look bossy or dictator."

Action Items:

If you have Command as your dominant talent, you may consider these action items:

  • Seek roles in which you will be asked to persuade others. Consider whether selling would be a good career/role for you.

  • In your relationships, seize opportunities to speak plainly and directly about sensitive subjects. Strive to become known as a candid person.

  • Ask people for their opinions.

  • Help your collegues and friends make commitments. You can provide the spark that will inspire them to act.

  • Partner with someone with a strong Woo or Empathy theme. This person can help you to circumvent obstacles through relationships.

Note that these action items only serve as guide.

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