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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Your 2021 Journey Starts Now!

2020 has been a year of radical shift to the way we are doing things. The world faces the Covid-19 pandemic that made people stayed at home, economy slowed down and the term “new normal” arouse. A lot of people lost their jobs, many companies were forced to work remotely, schools became online. A drastic change that left us off-guard which also caused the rise of depression cases. But this also helped us to become more resilient, realized things that matter most and be thankful on small things that we have.

As 2020 ends and 2021 comes, let’s go to our marks, get set and go!

On Your Mark

Before you head to your mark (starting position), you need to know where you are. What are the things that you are thankful for 2020? What are your ups and downs? Who are the people that journeyed with you? How does God move in your life?

What were your values in 2020? What are the values you need to change and/or add? You can refer to my previous post about it:

Then, kneel down and pray. Ask God his plans for you in the coming year (2021). This assures us we are at the right start.

Get Set

Set your priorities. Set your goals. What do you plan to achieve in 2021? What are you believing God for in this coming year? Who are the people you would like to journey with and be accountable with.

Write your priorities and your goals? Do you know that according to studies, goals written down has 60% higher chance to achieve?!


Go and face 2021 with courage. God is with you in this journey. You are not alone.

Seek God daily. Start journaling.

Record your progress. Goals reviewed weekly and monthly with accountability – with a coach or an accountability partner or group – have 80% higher chance to achieve!

Unlearn. Learn. Re-learn. Discover your strengths. Be your best self. To be your best self is to look unto God and be Christlike in every thing that we do. It is not about comparing yourself to others, but seeing yourself in the eyes of God, doing the purpose He has given you.

It is okay to slow down and take rest, but never quit. Listen to yourself. Journey with someone.

And be grateful as every day is a blessing!

Happy New Year!

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